Product Portfolio
Fundamental Research
Sectors and Companies
Our research coverage includes 150 companies spanning 16 sectors. We cover 92% of Nifty 50 and 98% of BSE Sensex market capitalisation. At Edelweiss, we believe ‘sector comes first’; hence, sectoral expertise is the backbone and basis of our research coverage. Our sectoral research focus manifests in our analysts’ approach to research, which begins with in-depth study of a sector, followed by financial modeling and stock recommendations. We build sectoral frameworks for effective communication of our views.
In-depth analysis of sector, and sectoral and macro drivers impacting the sector.
Thought provoking sector musings, enhancing comprehensive understanding of a sector from multiple dimensions.
Analysis of latest events in companies and sectors.
Update and analysis of various drivers and data points affecting the sector.
Regular update on company visits and management interactions.
Ground level research to enhance investors’ understanding of contemporary issues across sectors.
Stock-specific investment hypothesis based on in-depth sectoral study, financial analysis and management interaction, presented through ‘initiating coverage’ reports.
A comprehensive note on our expectation of quarterly results for all the sectors and companies under our coverage.
Analysis of results and their impact on our existing views.
Economy and Strategy
Plots the economic universe before the Union Budget, indicating what to expect and post budget analysis across the sectors and economy.
A close stock of India's external trade balance.
Quarterly analysis of India's merchandise trade, invisible flows, capital flows and accretion to reserves.
An analysis of the economic backdrop against which the quarterly monetary policy takes place. Also, charts out expectations from the policy meeting.
An analysis of the monetary policy, comparing measures adopted in the policy vis-à-vis pre-policy expectations.
Updates on economic indicators like GDP, IIP and inflation.
An analytical update of policy measures announced by the US Fed in its periodical monetary policy meetings.
A global market tracker that compares major developed and emerging economies and financial market indicators.
An in-depth perspective on factors affecting the Indian economy, outlining our views on the markets on a quarterly basis.
We suggest equity portfolios, incorporating our views on the sectors and companies.
Analysis Beyond Consensus (ABC)
Offers differentiated perspective on various non-routine and intricate issues arising from time to time.
Provides an objective horizontal analysis of various common parameters across companies. ROE analyser and accounting policy analysis helps to focus on sustainable profitability vis-à-vis reported profitability.
Provides an insight into quality of reported numbers on quarterly basis.
Detailed analysis on topical issues like treatment of FCCB, forex derivatives, pension liabilities, derivatives exposure, ESOP accounting, etc.
Quantitative and Alternative Research
Special Reports
Trade ideas driven by special events like open offers, buybacks, delisting, restructuring, mergers and demergers.
Long-short trade strategy on F&O stocks, driven by statistical tools like Z score, correlation and moving averages.
Based on diverse themes originating locally as well as globally.
Regular Reports
Analysis of market sentiments and portfolio recommendations based on the style that market prefers.
Statistically generated portfolio of Nifty stocks, which tries to enhance returns over the actual index.
Weekly report on corporate actions like merger, demerger, acquisitions, dividends, bonus, splits, open offers and buybacks.
Monthly report on the Indian mutual fund industry, focused on cash holding, AUM, NFOs, and redemptions.
A monthly outlook on local and global markets with a top-to-bottom approach.
Tracks the roll-over activity during expiry in futures segment.
Monthly product tracking price momentum of the CNX 500 stocks by their relative performance against the broader market.
Factor analysis which generates different market signals to enable stock selection in the Indian market.
Fundamental factors like PE, P/BV, EPS, and revenues are taken into account for deriving value picks.
Daily Reports
A compendium of fundamental and technical research published every trading day which includes quick round-up of global capital markets, market news, sales trader commentary, details on pledged shares and analysts’ comments on recent events.
A snapshot of the derivatives segment which tracks all the critical sentiment indicators like open interest, volumes, implied volatility, price, implied cost of carry and put to call ratio in the F&O space.
A technical view on Nifty.
The report tracks all bulk deals and insider trades in NSE and BSE.
Fixed Income
Tracks yields and volumes in SLR and non-SLR securities, overnight money market rates and LAF volumes. It also gives insights on daily fluctuations and updates on market activity of banks, mutual funds and primary dealers.
A snapshot of fixed income markets, currencies, and global and domestic macro-economic developments over a week. Analysis of forthcoming corporate paper issuances and tracking market movements post any critical data release.
Lateral thinking based analysis of various events.