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About us

Our differentiated research has helped us offer valuable insights and create innovative investment products for our clients. Research, at Edelweiss, is driven by a deep understanding of the underlying sector trends and strong analytical expertise.
We believe ‘sector comes first’, hence, sectoral expertise forms the backbone and basis of our research coverage. Our sectoral focus helps in early identification of trends, enabling our clients to stay ahead of the curve. Our differentiation manifests in our analysts’ approach to research. In-depth study of a sector, followed by financial modeling and stock recommendations defines our approach. We have the ability to provide clients with research products across different time horizons. Our coverage spans various Indian companies from over 15 sectors.
Backed by our solid research, we offer a well-thought out model portfolio to our clients which is updated on a regular basis. The portfolio reflects our recommended sectoral allocation which we believe would outperform the broader market at that point in time.
Our research extends beyond the conventional applications of technicals and fundamentals. Our consistent ability to identify emerging trends and themes early, has helped clients stay ahead of the curve. Recognising the importance of derivatives, we were one of the first to provide quantitative and alternative research in India.
Our ability to bring clarity through our knowledge-driven approach has helped Edelweiss emerge as one of the largest players in the equity and equity derivatives market in India today. More importantly, our ability to combine long-term oriented fundamental research on one hand with short-term focused quantitative and alternative research on the other, has helped us provide a holistic view on companies to our institutional customers.